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We offer

... a wide range of results-orientated online/digital support services.

The online space can sometimes be overwhelming and confusing, from managing google business to writing for different platforms. This is why we are happy to tailor services to suit your needs and goals. 


We're providing the most creative solutions
for your business.

"In the age of social media, public relations is more important than ever to shape and manage your brand's reputation." ~ Sir Richard Branson

Social Media Strategy Development

Strategic planning created around business and PR principles.

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Public Relations

Media releases, issues & crisis management plans, media consultancy, and brand management.

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Photography & Videography

We want you to look your best while being as authentic as possible.

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Consultancy, Coaching & Support

Digital Media Support, Social Media Photography Workshops & more.

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Social Media Content Creation

Content Creation

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Digital Media Management

Media Management

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Explore the NEW Digital Media Products

Contact us today to join the waiting list for services between March and September 2024 and get more information on how to save. 

  • Assessment of current Digital Media Sites
  • Strategy Development
  • Tool kits
  • Basic Training
  • Account Opening (if required)
  • Brand and Image Alignment

Digital Media Strategy

Your Digital Media Journey starts here with a Strategy Kit. Before grabbing hold of your NEW Digital Media Membership with both hands, you will need a Strategy Kit. This is a once-off (or as required) and includes all sorts of goodies such as tool kits, basic training, and way more, and, of course, an Online PR-crafted strategy session where traditional business planning tools meet PR. Why is this important? Because planning saves time and money and equals success.

  • Contact us today for your Digital Media Strategy
  • Don't want to pay $1000s a month in social media management plans?
  • Do you require a local and friendly 'human' to manage your messenger messages, not an AI bot?
  • Don't want to add to the noise on social media by posting dozens of posts a month?
  • Do you only want a few clear and defined posts a month?
  • Do you have in-house social media staff you would like a Digital PR Agency to support?
  • Do you want digital support that can update other platforms routinely?

Digital Media Membership

If you have answered YES! to any of these, this NEW Membership could be for you! Digital Media Membership is your lifeline to getting your business seen and managed by a dedicated Digital Public Relations Agency local to the North West Coast of Tasmania. The monthly Membership includes 240 Minutes of community engagement/inbox message management, 60 Minutes of other digital media platform updates if needed, a tailored Public Relations content calendar and hashtags suggestions for the month, social media updates, tips and suggestions, x2 Included PR-focused Facebook and/or Instagram posts and stories (option of Meta scheduling), exclusive in-house discounts on an array of services including social media photography sessions, or video sessions for use for reels. You also get the option to add a flexible top-up pack if you require more. T&C's payment for the monthly Membership is by the 1st of each month, with a 6-month commitment, or Pay for the six months upfront to receive a 10% discount on the Membership only. Products and Pricing may be changed at short notice in alignment with digital media changes. *You supply all images, video collateral, and brand/corporate style guides.

  • Contact us today to start your new Digital Media Membership
  • Additional posts
  • Additional reels
  • Additional stories
  • Additional carousels
  • 3-Month Analytics
  • Meta Scheduling

Optional Top-up Packs

If you require more content, add a Top-up Lite, Corporate or Executive, as needed for extra posts, or swap them for reels: extra stories, Meta scheduling, analytics, hashtags and more. If you don't have your image/video collateral, we can assist with in-house exclusive membership discounts for social media photography/videography shaped around PR Principles.

  • Ready to add or change a Top-up pack?
From $314
  • Chin up
  • Shoulders back
  • Smile
  • Speak slow & clearly
  • Be authentic
  • & Relax

Optional Photography & Videography

Never fear if you don't have your image/video collateral; we offer in-house Photography and Videography sessions for your Digital Media. Our image and video sessions are tailored around what the use is for. For example, short, fun casual videos for reels, semi-professional videos for advertising, education, marketing, etc., to digital Photography shaped for your digital platform and function. Photography and videography are versatile mediums that can be used for various purposes. From advertising and marketing to journalism and storytelling, they offer a powerful way to communicate ideas, evoke emotions, and convey information visually. Our photography sessions not only include us saying 'chin up, shoulders back...' but on completion of your session, you will receive folders of images ready for your online use if you choose not to have a Digital Media Membership. The photos are available via an electronic folder or a flash drive. You will also receive a handy glossy magazine showcasing your best images to either boast or refer back to. The current turnaround is about 1-2 weeks.

  • Contact us today to book your Image or Video session
from $455


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