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Social Media Strategy Development

Strategy development- from where it starts!


Strategy Session

Having a social media strategy is just as essential as having a business plan, which is why it is now a prerequisite for all new social media management plans from February 2023.

Think ‘developing a business plan’ meets ‘SWOT analysis’ with public relations principles, and you have our tailor-made strategy session. A few crazy questions later, and shazam, we have a strategic plan and a path to follow to achieve your objectives.


It includes a holistic approach to your business, your competitors, your views on your current relationship with your public, the opinions of others on your business and how you would like to see it in the future, and it also maps your social media strategy.


This includes your target audience, the platforms you’ll be using, and the type of content you’ll be sharing. You can then tailor your content by understanding your audience and their preferences. Additionally, selecting the right platforms for your business and creating a content calendar can help you stay organised and consistent with your messaging.


This plan is then tailored around your digital/online presence.


A business with a plan and a path essentially have advantages that other businesses don’t have, as well as, most importantly, it saves on all resources; time, money etc. you get the idea. It’s a road map for success.

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