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The PR Agency that specialises in public relations for your digital/online space.


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PO Box 2094, Spreyton TAS 7310

About Us

Who Are We?

The PR Agency that specialises in

Public Relations for your digital/online space.

Hi! I am Deb. I have tertiary qualifications in photography, public relations, business and physical sciences; I am local to Northwest Tasmania and passionate about our produce, fresh food, air and water. I am a member of the Ignite Women Tasmania and KaLIBA, the Kentish and Latrobe Independent Business Association. If I can't help you, chances are, I know someone who can.

A few facts...

What is PR?

PR is short for Public Relations.

But what actually is PR?

PR, simply put, is about your ongoing relationship with your public.

What's the difference between Marketing & PR?

Well, marketing is about promoting & selling a product, while PR focuses on your overall positive relationship with your stakeholders.

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